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New Massage Center Lahore

New massage center Lahore discusses in this Article about the massage for the patient. And also describe the Benefits of this Ayurvedic Massage. A piece of big news for all Customer of Lahore is that the new massage center Lahore at Low price services starts with the best service for its clients.

Background New massage center Lahore

New Massage Center Lahore Jumping 2 free spaces on the knee is for heart, lymph, and knee problems. It reduces the distance from the face. Pressing from the back of the knee is for the abdomen, spleen, and intestines, rotates clockwise over the shin, externally for leg pain, colon, and fatigue, shin splints are clockwise for muscle pain. Clockwise rotation is a way to stimulate the nervous system of life. A lot of care has been taken while performing knee massage at the new massage center Lahore.

Abdominal massage for the patient

The umbilical cord is a very important part of the body because the 72,000 nerve endings meet here. Before starting the abdominal massage, place the middle finger in the space of the conifer to check the patient’s heartbeat if you do not feel palpitations, it means that the patient has a gastrointestinal disease. Message center near to me put a little oil in the navel. There are many lymph nodes in this place. Helps to regularize. Apply oil all over the abdomen and massage the abdomen from right to left with some pressure. Press the points on both sides where the ribs end.

New Massage Center Lahore
The liver is on the right side and the stomach is on the left side. What, however, in the form of a small circle around them, start near-circular movements? Finish the massage slowly and gently with the vibrational movement of the fingers. In connection with the massage of the abdomen of pregnant women, the husband should massage gently. This massage makes the birth of the child easier. New message center Lahore provides the best facilities against massage center Lahore Gulberg.

Breast massage

Massage from the front of the body in an evenly oiled whole breast. Massage the ribs and massage the upper part of the breasts with a gentle movement. When massaging the breasts, move the circle in a large circle and gently stroke it near the nipple. This massage gives proper shape to the breasts for both men and women. This service is provided with special privacy at the new massage center Lahore. It balances the very fine arteries of the blood and the intestinal system and increases the circulation of the lymphatic system.

Patient’s back massage

Ask the patient to lie on his left side so that his left leg smells very straight and he is shown feeling it with a slight bend. Massage the back seals and ribs while sitting on the patient’s back while moving your hands at the same time. This massage helps to make the back more flexible. The back massage is done with great care in the new massage center Lahore.

To show the patient’s back, the patient has to take a belly – according to the Kundalini Shastra in Yoga, a person has seven charks in the waist (seals which are the centers of consciousness) – the details of these charks can be found in the chapter on charks. According to the massage expert of the new massage center Lahore, massage should be done on these places and the points which are located with the seals in the tax.

Apply oil on these areas and massage with your thumb in a circular motion. Message center near to me place the thumbs in the seals (just above the buttocks), move the bath upwards, and move the whole back on both sides of the seals when you If you are doing this, keep your thumbs on the spinal seals.

Apply tolerable pressure during rubbing. The patient puts his arm under his forehead during a back massage. Apply oil on seals and massage it from bottom to top. Massage the skin with the thumb and middle finger from the back to the waist. If the skin is not lifted properly and according to the massage expert of the new massage center Lahore, it means that the internal organs are not working properly to cure this disease. Give more vibrations and jerks throughout the back and gently finish the back massage.

Massage the head, neck, and face

The ten paths (doors) of the human body are named as follows.
Brace (outer hole of silk), penis, mouth, two nostrils, two eyes, ear, and bra Hamarandra (located at the top of the skull. Brahma, the radar is inside the head, and between the eyelids Located up to the width of eight fingers, the brain provides energy to the fetus. The eight pathways are located above the neck and thus the head is very important. According to the massage expert of the new massage center Lahore, when the patient is sitting, head and neck massage should be done while the patient is lying down.

New massage center Lahore
Face massage can be done even then. Massage the face with oil. Activate the virus. Massage center near to me the neck and clavicle. Massage the jaw slightly, the lips, and the nose, moving with the help of the thumb on the eyelids. At the same time massage around the eyes. Apply pressure around the ears. Massage the forehead a few times. Gently rub the palm and put a drop of oil in each ear and ask the masseur to move his lower jaw.

New Massage center Lahore

The oil will enter the ear. Dip your index finger into the oil and insert it inside each nostril.
If you have pure rose water, you can put a drop in each eye. According to a massage expert at the new massage center Lahore, if oil is applied to the scalp (brain) for nine months after birth, the baby will be able to gain more energy, and his thinking, learning, and memory will improve. It will be fine and fast.

During this interval, scalp massage strengthens the nervous system. Message center near to me Gulberg give the best suggestion about the massage. The oil that is applied to the scalp and hair should be absorbed into the roots. These roots are connected to the brain by nerve fibers. Both oil and massage strengthen the hair.

And make healthy reduces dryness. Morning is the best time for a head massage. Applying sandalwood paste on the forehead is very good for the brain. New message center Lahore also arranges children’s massages. Exposure of the eyelids relaxes the whole body and is a very good treatment for eyes and eye nerves. Massage of the forehead improves vision and improves thinking. Massage of the scalp. And garden and spine. Improves circulation. It also improves the quality of life energy.